Side Shift Steering  Most stable 3S car chassis will change cars forever


Safest * vehicle self prevented overturn by side shift car body synchronous with steering

Six are the key advantages of the 3S car:
A. It is produced exclusively according to Bulgarian world innovations
B. There is obviously the highest safety for people and road traffic because the chassis-integrated steering system works proactively without and with power steering.
C. It is produced with existing inexpensive materials and technologies in available production workshops with basic machine-building equipment for making the chassis, which is unique and clearly identifies the country of origin.
D. Due to the above three advantages and local labor, the cost of the project is not high
D. Because of p.A, p.B, p.C and p.D, the car has clearly strong innovative, technical and market advantages, which allows it to be sold at a high profit without increasing the final price and quickly returns the investments made.
E. The car is eligible for a customer subsidy. In Romania, the subsidy is now 10,000 euros. The planned cost of the car is lower than the subsidy.

*Approximately 1.19 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes, according to World Health Organization

Safest vehicles ever side shift mass center synchronous with steering according to Human Life Centered Design

Balancing cars while they turn, by physically shifting the center of gravity of the car to the center of the turn at the same time as the steering wheel - this is a worldwide patent innovation according to the official statement from the Patent Authority, which you can download HERE.

State-of-the-art protections for people in cars, such as airbags, traction controls, ABS brakes, etc. are activated only after the occurrence of the incidents. The innovative 3S car is the safest, because it preemptively balances the car with steering-kinematics as soon as it enters the turns. Our 3S innovations are synergistic. They simultaneously provide not only radical technical advantages, but through them also the strongest marketing advantage - driving safety and reducing accidents. Full patent documentary download HERE

Radically new Bulgarian technology for side shifting in turns (SIDE SHIFT STEERING) significantly reduces car drifting in turns and while overturning.
This worldwide patent innovation has dual use. Military vehicles and unmanned ground drones have turrets for machine guns, cannons, missiles, radars and the like, which greatly increase the center of gravity.
That is why they are markedly unstable. Our innovative technology is mechanical and applicable to all wheeled vehicles. It is kinematically integrated with the steering and acts preventively. Even with a turn of the steering wheel, when entering said turns, including on the spot, the car moves to the center of the turn laterally, against the centrifugal inertial force. Thus it balances with its own mass.
Our innovative solution is suitable for increasing the stability of electric cars, because their own mass is greater, due to copper being used instead of steel in the motors and inverters, and especially because of their batteries. For all cars with a higher center of gravity, it is recommended to use a developed innovative steering system, according to another of our world firsts. You can download the official statement from the Patent Office HERE




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