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Efficiency of 3S automotive kinematics - MODE OF OPERATION

State-of-the-art protections for people in cars, such as airbags, traction controls, ABS brakes, etc. are activated only after the occurrence of the incidents. The innovative 3S car is the safest, because it preemptively balances the car with steering-kinematics as soon as it enters the turns. Our 3S innovations are synergistic. They simultaneously provide not only radical technical advantages, but through them also the strongest marketing advantage - driving safety and reducing accidents.Full patent documentary download HERE

The physical law of momentum always works in turns and pushes the car off the road. This is inevitable, but because it is completely predictable, the inertia can be effectively and preemptively countered as the body of the car side shifts towards the center of the turn in sync with the turn. For safe and smooth turning, the lateral displacement becomes greater, the sharper the turn is. This action is mechanical (not electronic) and is fully synchronized with the turning of the steering wheel, guaranteed by the 3S kinematics of the control, according to the invention.
That is why the 3S mechanics always work, regardless of the entire electrical and electronic system of the car, even in place of the handbrake. And this is clearly visible. The developed steering technology is universal. It applies not only to electric cars, but also to fuel-powered motor vehicles as well as towed trailers. Since the physical laws of turning dynamics are the same for all land vehicles, the innovative technology is equally applicable to all rail and non-rail vehicles, including water vehicles where their center of gravity is above the water, such as ferries, catamarans, etc.
Novel 3S technologies do not require any changes to the usual driving habits. Through the momentum of the body in the turns, the driver receives the feedback of the behavior of the car at any moment and accordingly makes the turn sharper or smoother, faster or slower. In all cases, turning is safer, which also allows for higher speeds than usual when cornering, which is also a serious advantage in racing. 3S chassis sketches download HERE

The safest car turning is realized by 3S steering with synchronous side tilts. It is carried out completely mechanically and functions preventively by entering the turns. It is mechanically integrated into a common mechanism and is adjustable for each different 3S chassis. A working prototype of such a combined control can be seen in the video below:

The most maneuverable chassis has 4 turning wheels at the same time with side shift in the turns. See mode of operation of a terrestrial DRONE prototype


Videos of patent implementations of the 3S integrated chassis with steering

Electric and other cars with innovative steering systems (whether with or without a driver) are also designed to be controlled by artificial intelligence. It is based on self-learning software that accumulates an archive of the car's own history of driving modes. Self-learning technology is fundamentally different from traditional programming. Artificial intelligence systems follow predictive models, a set of parameters and facts that a computer uses to make decisions. Self-learning, in real time, allows the system to change its parameters and rule bases based on experience of the newly received information, which is automatically integrated into the initial data. Through the results of the archive, working algorithms are formed for the most energy-efficient and safe driving of the car.
Currently, the barrier to rapid spread of electric mobility is the lack of electric charging stations in front of many apartment buildings, and those without their own garages. Its possible to overcome this barrier via cascading charging stations, powered by photovoltaics and low-voltage grids. This is also world novelty.

Now, the barrier to the rapid spread of electric mobility is the lack of electric charging stations in front of many apartment houses and those without their own garages.
Overcoming this barrier can be done through the development of a fast charging station powered by a standard low-voltage electrical network. It is a Worldwide patent novelty - see the official patent statement of the Patent Authority HERE

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